For monitoring process control and flue gas, industrial facilities require equipment able to operate 24 hour a day in harsh environmental conditions. Reliability and low maintenance are key objectives when selecting the gas and particulate continuous analyzers to suit your application.

Al Ghalowa is the supplier/system integrator of CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) for industrial emissions monitoring on line & portable systems.

We are specialized in the design and supply of high accuracy/low maintenance extractive US EPA / TUV / CEM Systems from different suppliers. With extensive knowledge of all international standards, Al Ghalowa will work with you to make sure that our CEMS meet your exact requirements and provide years of reliable service.

We can also provide additional products and services, including dust and flow meters, data logging and reporting software, plus support services such as maintenance contracts, training and calibration.

Al Ghalowa designs and supplies a complete range of state of the art analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition and software’s for the measurement and reporting of regulatory pollutants.


Our Products 


Stack Gas Analyzer GI-700 Series

The GI-700 stack gas analyzer is designed to continuously measure the concentrations of nitrogen oxides(NOx), sulfur dioxide(SO2), carbon monoxide(CO), carbon dioxide(CO2), oxygen(O2), and ammonia(NH3) in stack flue gas streams.


-Ultimate Dependability
Proven cross flow modulation technique
Continuous base line validation

-Ultimate Low cost ownership
Up to 6 gases can be measured using a single analyzer with multiple detectors. Works with a simple sampling unit having less tubing, fewer power cables. Simplified wiring translates into less time required for installation. Minimum function for the operation. Any additional functions can be added from controlling PLC.

-Ultimate Sensitivity
5 ppm High-Precision measurement (NOx, SO2 and CO) is available.

– An external converter provides for separate measurements of NO and NO2.
– All component modules can be easily installed with in a single 19 inch case. The compact design saves space, facilitates maintenance and requires less wiring and tubing during installation.
– Power consumption is reduced by approximately 50% as compared to systems using individual analyzers (NH3 analyzer).

ENDA-C9000 Stack Gas Analysis System

ENDA-C9000 series is a lineup of units for the continuous monitoring of residual NH3contained in emissions from ammonia denitrification equipment. The HORIBA’s high end stack gas analysis system which is adapted to variety of fuels such as LNG, petroleum, coals, etc. are well-suited for denitration catalyst inspection, controlling NH3 injection volumes, the prevention of ammonium sulfate crystal formation facilities inspection, and process control. Enhanced operability, improved sampling skills for stable operation, developed sample gas pressure range, and excellent maintenance capabilities provide flexible performance to the extensive conditions and needs for precise measurement.

PG-350E Portable Gas Analyzer

The PG series is a compact and lightweight stack gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components. Its capability of precise measurement proves reliability in field measurements as well as its great performance in the lab facilities. Methane (CH4) analyzer is newly joined in the PG series and a total of nine models are lined up.  The approx. 20% lighter body from previous model with the rugged side guards which prevent the analyzer unit from shocks and damages; the field concious design supports whatever the measurement scene is. An optional electronic cooler unit is available for long-term measurement under tough environments such as gas turbines, boilers, and incinerators facilities. PG-300 series is also suitable for solving envioronmental problems, measures of energy conservation, study of catalysts, and control of process gas.


  • The Nox analysis unit uses a Cross-flow modulation chemiluminescence detection method; the SO2, CO, and CH4 units use a Cross-flow modulation Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption method; CO2 unit uses standard Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption method; and the O2 unit uses zironia method, galvanic method, and paramagnetic method for exclusively in EU area. PG-300 is comparable to large-scale, specialized units in terms of accuracy and offers a high degree of selectivity in analysis.
  • Cross-flow modulation method requires no optical adjustments as dual optical path measurement does, because sample gas and reference gas flow into a single measurement cell switching one by one. Since clean air is fed into the sample cell in between each batch of sample gas, the cell remains clean which reduces the span drift and keeps long-time stability.
  • New methane (CH4) analyzer models are suitable for expanded application such as biomas combustion or fuel cell.
  • Ease of operation ensured by high visibility color LCD touch screen. The useful functions such as screen capture, trend graph, or operation guide, etc. can be executed on the screen.
  • Reducing warm-up time in half, PG-300 is ready to measure in 30 minutes. Moreover, timer function let the equipment start warming-up automatically at your setting time. Combination of these advanced functions offer time saving for readiness and efficient measurements.
  •  The 95% efficiency of NOx convertor enables the more precision measurement.
  • Energy efficient with up to 35% reduction in power consumption compared to our previous models.
  • A SDTM memory card slot is installed in the front panel and quick data saving is available. Ethernet interface for connection to a LAN environment enables real-time data import over the network.

Scattered light monitor

D-R 300: Extremely sensitive device for measuring smoke spot number.
D-R 300-40: Especially sensitive measuring device for the smallest concentration of dust, in particular in waste incineration plants.


Volume flow measuring system

D-FL 220: Suitability tested and certified ultrasonic measuring system to measure the velocity and the volume flow of flue gas or process gas in pipes or ducts, especially for wet and aggressive smoke emissions.


PSP4000-H 230V: handy and heated gas sample probe PSP 4000-H has been developed as a logical complement to the portable M&C sample gas conditionig systems. Despite its compact design, the unit guarantees a full range of functions.

Portable Gas Conditioning Unit

PSS5 230V: The M&C portable gas conditioning unit PSS-5… is designed to carry out precise gas analyses at different locations.The entire gas conditioning unit is housed in a robust aluminium-frame case to enable the user to carry out a rapid gas analysis, which is safe with little maintenance work. The PSS-5… gas conditioning unit is suitable for variable, discontinuous use as well as for continuous operation. The components built into the PSS-5… gas conditioning unit can be used for standard applications. If you have special problems please ask us for other solutions.