It is important to clean the sewer system regularly especially in the rain season, which is winter in Iraq. Our aim is to use powerful and advanced technology to make short work of the most stubborn blockages, our jet vacuumation system has been proven to save people, cities noises, with extreme weather condition was in the last few years. Causing severe flooding in some cities in Iraq.

Combination Machine

The Combination Machine has a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel with polyethylene water tanks and a high capacity water pump.

Industrial Vacuum Loader

The Industrial Vacuum Loader has twin cyclone bag houses with 13 cartridge filters and an automatic vacuum breaker with a hose retainer assembly .


Hydro Excavator

The Hydro Excavator is equipped with a hydrostatic drive and water systems up to 4,000 psi. It can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs with ease.  


Hot Shot Jet Rodders

These machines are equipped with a non- corrosive, non- metallic polyethylene water tank and are ideal for removing stones, bottles, cans and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or storm drains.