Supply CCTV

AL-Ghalowa is one of forefront leading Supplier companies in Iraq of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection last management software for sanitary and storm sewers , industrial process lines .

Custom CCTV Inspection Vehicles – Truck – Mounted

CUES proudly offers custom truck-mounted systems for all of your TV inspection and rehabilitation needs! The CUES Truck Design Team has over 75 years of combined pipeline inspection truck design experience and has designed thousands of pipeline inspection trucks.

Made to withstand the most severe conditions and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, CUES truck-mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for sewer/storm/potable water lines, mainline joint or lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. A truck chassis can be specified to contain all or any combination of the aforementioned equipment .

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Digital Universal Camera (DUC)

The CUES Digital Universal Camera (DUC) is a semi-autonomous, high resolution digital CCTV side scanning camera designed  for rapid and detailed condition assessment of your wastewater system.


OZIII & Nite Lite III Pan & Tilt Optical Zoom Cameras

The OZIII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers built-in directional field replaceable lighting for 6” to 48” pipe to produce the highest quality image to enhance the details of your CCTV inspection. The OZIII camera…



CUES-IMX Truck-mounted Pan-and-Tilt Optical Zoom Camera

CUES has partnered with InfraMetrix to develop the CUES-IMX truck-mounted camera! Collection system owners and operators can now reduce system operation/management costs while increasing performance! The camera offers unparalleled imaging technology .