Oil Spill Monitoring Equipment

The oil industry reported that oil spills may have serious environmental hazardous to workers and the wider community. AL-Ghalowa cam offered a complete system to measure the oil spill level. And controlee and prevent it. This is achieved by ensuring a rapid and efficient response which alghalowa can provide.


The Slick Sleuth™ SS300 is used in a wide variety of

industrial and environmental applications for remote

detection of oil leaks and spills. The Slick Sleuth

SS300 provides real-time detection and alarm

notification, enabling users to contain the leak or spill,

thereby averting environmental damages, costly

cleanup, fines, regulatory penalties and negative


The Slick Sleuth SS300 is ideal for the detection of oil

leaks and spills on fresh, brackish or saltwater or on

ground, concrete and over solid surfaces.

The detection technology is based on the fluorescence

of hydrocarbons – crude oil and refined oil derivatives

such as: lubricants, transformer oils, fuel oils, turbine

oil, hydraulic fluids, motor oil, gasoline, aviation and jet

fuels in addition to various food oils, process oils,

chemicals and many other oils. Slick Sleuth systems

uses a high intensity ultraviolet (UV) flash lamp light

source and proprietary optical detection technology

which is not affected by ambient light conditions. The

sensor operates in all outdoor or indoor light

conditions, during sunlight and night-time hours, in the

rain, snow or other conditions. Each detector is

completely self-contained incorporating a high intensity

xenon flash, optical detection circuitry, internal

processor and logic/control components