ALGHALOWA is an engineering services company that works in Environment monitoring, water and wastewater and oil industry projects.

The team of Al Ghalowa Group started working in Baghdad as a consultant with the Iraqi Engineering Union Consulting Bureau (IEUCB) in 2000. Since 2004, Dr. A. Abbas is the head of the IEUCB environment, water and wastewater team. The market for the team’s services has grown rapidly. This is due to three factors. 

First, it is due to the growing prosperity in the Middle East. 

Secondly, there is an increasing level of pollution in the Middle East, mostly caused by the oil & gas industry, that requires monitoring and controlling. There is also the requirement of improved sanitary facilities to keep up with urbanisation. And, 

Third, many governments in the Middle East are now giving more attention to environmental and infrastructure issues.

These circumstances led to the establishment of Al Ghalowa Co. for Trading and General Contracts Ltd. (in short: Al Ghalowa Co.) in Baghdad in 2008. Al Ghalowa Co. since then has built up a strong customer base in the Middle East and has established partnerships with manufacturers in the European Union, Turkey, and the USA. Al Ghalowa Europe GmbH was established in 2012 in Germany to strengthen the vital relationship between these producers in the West and the clients in the Middle East. AB INFRASTRUCTURE LTD was established in 2018 in the UK to be more specific in a drainage system, water and wastewater sector and maintain communication with the UK producers and consultants after Brexit.


Less pollution with the best solution, Delivering the right solution and consultancies to achieve a better environment led to better tomorrow


  • To provide a better solution through understanding our customers’ needs
  • To ensure a healthy environment and infrastructures for current and future generations.


AL Ghalowa Group ongoing mission is to provide Engineering services and  a sustainable environmental solution for:

  • Environmental Monitoring, Al Ghalowa offers complete solutions for monitoring ambient air, emission, noise, soil and water quality.
  • Water and Wastewater, Al Ghalowa offers complete designs, solutions and providing equipment and installation for water and wastewater treatment plant,  sewer,  drainage system and Industrial treatment plant.
  • Oil & Gas, Al Ghalowa provides service and a wide range of oil and gas quality testing instruments, both manual and automatic, conforming to the ASTM, ISO, IP and international standards. The company authorised to treat and dispose of the waste oil industry.
  • Scientific, Al Ghalowa provides high-performance scientific instruments and analytical solution for research sciences, universities, material sciences, food, pharmaceutical, industry and energy application.
  • Lab Material Equipment, Al Ghalowa offers a wide range of physical testing machines and instrument for destructive, non-destructive testing and quality control.

The company intend to provide sufficient training programs for our staff and our customers according to their requirements. The company established its plan for Health, Safety and Environment management to reduce the risks on all projects follow up the rules imposed by the regulations and usually by the client.

The company granted licences from many Iraqi regulators such as the Ministry of Trading, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Health and Environment. The company has the ISO certificates such as ISO 9001:2015 14001:2015  OHASA 18001:20027  ISO/IEC 17025:2005.