Petroleum Waste Treatment and Disposal

Al Ghalowa Company granted the specific authorization (licenses) from Ministry of Health and Environment for implementing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and treated and disposal the waste generated from oil industry activities.The company has a long experience, equipment and facilities to monitor, inspect and treated the oily waste. Al Ghalowa team has knowledge regarding the chemicals process, materials, and products used in the oil industry, as well as the methods used to manage the waste of the oil industry.

 Al Ghalowa start from the for evaluating the contaminates levels which come from the activities of the industrial & oil industry which will be compared with national standards, and  provide as consultant service to suggest the solution to mitigate and reduce the pollutants levels to the national standards levels, and then do  the process optimization and  the treatment for polluted (Soil, water ).

ALGHALOWA is confident to offer practical and reliable waste treatment solutions including full service in the technology aspect, from conceptual design to planning, assembly supervision, start-up and servicing of components to complete treatment and sorting systems.

Scope of treatment and disposal:

  • Waste oil recovery process
  • Treatment of oily water and wastewater
  • Skimming in Oil Field and Oil Pit Recovery
  • Slop oil and oily sludge
  • Cleaning and Reconditioning Process
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soil & water
  • Spent Adsorbent Disposal

Waste oil recovery process

ALGHALOWA COMPANY design the system those best suits the treatment of oily waste based on project requirements, site conditions and waste material. The figure below illustrates the mechanical concept of mobile oil recovery using by Al Ghalowa’ consortium from the separation of large particles to decanter and disc stack centrifuges to apply high G force for oil recovery ended with solid treatment.

Treatment of oily water and wastewater

Supply and installation and commissioning Oil wastewater treatment Plant Client: Iraqi Midland oil Company

Supply and installation and commissioning Wastewater treatment Plant Client :Iraqi Drilling Company

Skimming in Oil Field and Oil Pit Recovery

ALGHALOWA using an American technology in cooperation with Elastic company , a supplier for a variety of clean up products including vacuums, skimmers and boom to tackle rugged terrain and remote locations. Oil recovery involves using equipment to recover oil from pits and separate it from impurities and water.

Slop oil and oily sludge

The general understanding of slop oil, oily sludge and emulsions is broad. Al Ghalowa gained over many years, working with oil quality and oil waste, the knowledge of the variations, both of the chemical and physical oily waste characteristics and their impact on the surrounding environment, soil and water resources. Our solutions are often unique and always reliable.

Cleaning and Reconditioning Process 

ALGHALOWA COMPANY using a monitoring and cleaning system to prevent contamination of materials result disposal barrels and the containers from using raw materials and additives to ensure  safe disposal. The processes are including methods for drum washing and drum burning. Starting from receipt of a drum shipment, washing facility and inspects the drums. A special procedure of checking with a client for   treats or returns damaged drums or  drums that are not empty, or drums that contain inappropriate materials.

Bioremediation of contaminated soil & water

ALGHALOWA bioremediation method uses of biological processes to essentially break down, transform and/or remove pollutants or impurities from soil and water.

Spent Adsorbent Disposal

ALGHALOWA Co using friendly environment technology to mitigate the risks created by highly toxic and corrosive, spent adsorbent materials such as hydrogen sulfide.