Oily Wastewater Treatment Systems

Al Ghalowa offers complete designs, solutions and providing equipment and installation for oily water treatment; the systems we give successfully remove higher levels of contaminants by changes the chemistry of the oily water to render it safe for disposal or recovery for re-use.

  • GEM System

(Gas Energy Mixing) GEM System is an innovative and patented approach to wastewater treatment. This excellent flocculation and flotation system deliver results significantly better than alternative wastewater treatment technologies. It is the most sustainable primary wastewater treatment system for removing TSS (total suspended solids,) FOG (fats, oils, grease,) and undissolved materials.

Through aerating 100% of the wastewater under constant flow, the GEM® System creates many more bubbles than a conventional DAF system, to which waste particles of large or nano size (and in between) can attach.Using a series of liquid-solid gas mixing (LSGM) heads (usually 6,) a vortex is created that allows the bubbles to spin at various mixing speeds and energies.Pressure is dropped in each head under strict control.  This is important because smaller particles are more apt to attach to particles similar in size – all the way to nano-bubbles.  This means that the GEM System can achieve 99% removal of TSS (total suspended solids) with no carry-over or pin flocs.

Between heads 4-6, polymers are directly injected under pressure, continuing through the vortex.  As the polymers enter the LSGM heads, they uncoil, availing more charge sites to attach to more waste particles.  (See Chemistry of the GEM System.) By the time the wastewater enters the flotation tank, the solids and liquids are already separated.  The flotation tank is used only to skim the solids

  • Dissolved Air Flotation

DAF Retrofit with GEM System Technology

The unique and patented properties of the GEM® System, specifically the LSGM (Liquid, Solid, Gas Mixing) Heads, make this wastewater treatment system the most effective on the market today.  Many companies opt to upgrade their existing DAF (dissolved air flotation) systems with minimal interruption by fitting the DAF tank with the LSGM Head bank.

An easy changeover to this superior technology includes:

Utilize existing DAF tank.

Add GEM System technology using the Liquid Solids Gas Mixing (LSGM) heads.

Dissolved Air Flotation Retrofit

Dissolved air flotation systems (DAF) are a wastewater treatment process that floats and flocculates particles in wastewater that removes suspended matter like oil or solids. It works by dissolving air in the water under pressure and releasing the air at atmospheric pressure in a flotation tank basin. The released air forms tiny bubbles which adhere to the suspended waste matter causing it to float to the surface, where a skimming device removes it.Clean Water Technology can retrofit your dissolved air flotation system with our patented GEM® System technology. The DAF retrofit installs easily using the existing DAF tank and yields two (2) to three (3) times more capacity for cleaning wastewater.