Process Simulator

one of the most difficulties and Challenges facing students and specialized staff in the Iraqi oil industry is the failure to adequately embody the working life during the study stages and the failure to acquire sufficient experience and perceptions needed to manage the Iraqi petroleum facilities, which include fields, refineries, treatment plants, to avoid such obstacles, there are several solutionsOne of the most effective, safe, cost and time-saving solutions is training through simulators that  simulate the basic operations in the oil sector.

alghalowa with its partners provides many services in the petroleum industry  one of these services is providing and supplying real time process simulators that simulate the major petroleum processes of both up and down stream facilities which include but not limited to : well drilling, cementing , testing , crude oil production , refining ,gas processing ….. Etc.

hese simulators will enable student operators to be intensively trained on normal, abnormal and safety-critical scenarios, improving the operator understanding of the process and the overall operation safety .We work closely with industry and our partners to constantly push the boundaries of simulation technology to ensure it delivers immersive, highly effective, learning experiences which yield tangible results.

Why Choose our simulators?

Scope of supply 

  • Upstream process
  • Drilling simulator

 Downstream process

  • Gas production simulator
  • Refinery simulator
  • Crude oil production simulators

Upstream processes

Drilling of wells is one of the most important major operations in the petroleum within extracting oil from the ground formations, which includes drilling exploration wells, appraisal wells, injection and production wells.

Al-Ghalowa cooperate with Drilling System British Company which is considered one of the first companies in the world in develops and manufacture advanced simulation technology solutions that improve safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

our simulators exceed IADC and IWCF accreditation to offer the ultimate industry standard in drilling and well control training.

These operations are include but not limited to : drilling , cementing , fishing , coiled tubing operation perforation, injection ….. ETC.

Most affective of drilling system simulators are :

Downstream processes:

Al-ghalowa  partner in this aspect is the Spanish company, Inprocess which is the leading independent OTS supplier for the Oil and Gas, Refining and Chemical industries

The Generic Operator Training (OTS) that we provides will allow familiarization and provide direct offline operator control, response and intervention experience for future control room operators in all process control, shutdown, and emergency shutdown operations together with an intimate appreciation for navigation in, around and within the system.This Generic Operator Training System will enable operators to be intensively trained on normal, abnormal and safety-critical scenarios, improving the operator understanding of the basics of each process unit under study.By using our solution, the field operator, being promoted to the control panel room, will also be familiarized with the look and feel of a standard ICSS console.

Within the framework of training, our  OTS  will provide a tool to:

  • Get familiar with the main standards DCS functions
  • Gain knowledge on the equipment physical behavior
  • Gain knowledge on the global behavior of the unit by watching the effects of an action on the rest of the process
  • Get trained to operate within the constraint of the security and alarming system.
  • Get trained on operations like start-up and shut down or plant upsets.

Refinery  simulation

Refining of crude oil is one of the most important components of the petroleum industry This is due to its great economic importance by separating crude oil into its final by-products to meeting the needs of global markets in the world in other hand To manage these facilities with high efficiency, you need an efficient staff with extensive experience to properly manage the work and properly deal with unexpected problems.In order to gain such experience, the simulators  presented by us are analogies of a real reality that simulates the most important units that the refinery is made of .

Our refinery simulators, composed of a series of dynamic simulation models, with their associated controllers, with interactive Operator Interfaces and Instructor Stations, suitable to conduct training sessions. The primary objective of our  refinery OTS is to allow the operational staff (control room Operators, operating Supervisors, Process Engineers…) to gain practical experience on how to operate the facilities in various situations.

Natural Gas production simulator:

Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must be processed to remove impurities, including water, to meet the specifications of marketable natural gas. In order to manage such complex systems, the ability and experience must be available in the face of the operational conditions that may occur and find appropriate solution methods. Our company provides one of the best ways to achieve the requirements of experience and ability to face potential errors during work

Our Generic OTS Solution is characterized by the fact that both Dynamic Process Models and Control and Safety Systems are coupled and handled within one single software system.our OTS Solution combines the Operator and Instructor Consoles and the core dynamic model engine. This combination of technology delivers a great level of realism to the operator and to the engineer as well.

we will use UniSim Design as the process simulation engine. These simulaters can reproduce with high accuracy the real plant behaviour. Once the dynamic models are properly validated, they can be used as the calculation engine of an OTS.

Crude oil production simulators

It is key maintaining the practice of operating procedures as a regular activity for operators, and to providing refresher training at regular intervals, and for whenever a modification in the plant or in the control or safety system is implemented. Activities with the OTS for Crude oil production simulators will include operations such as start-up and shutdown ahead of time, and working through the response to infrequent abnormal situations, based on best practice procedures. Training on simulators that we provide  allow operators to run through the routines on a regular basis, so it is advisable not to allow too much time to elapse between refresher training courses.