Radiation Detection Equipment

palmRAD 907 – Survey Meter

The palmRAD 907 nuclear radiation monitoring meter provides multiple monitoring and surveying options in an easy-to-use handheld device. It measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation which can be displayed in rates and total counts. The user can switch between mR/hr, Svi cpm and total counts.

This model would function excellently for nearly any application. Whether the duty is radioactive food and water monitoring, contaminated soil and water detection or isotope identification, the Berkeley Nucleonics PalmRAD 907 can provide the robust functionality, yet simplicity, you need to provide accurate and reliable radiological data each and every time.There is a digital display of the selected mode and three other types of indicators – a LED indicator, an audio alarm and an audio chirp. The LED flashes with each count. The palmRAD 907 has a user adjustable alarm threshold. When the selected level has been exceeded the powerful audio alarm will sound. The audio chirp, when enabled, emits a single chirp with each count detected. Put low cost, reliable and proven nuclear radiation contamination detection in the palm of your hand.


Isotope Identification

SAM 940 – Isotope identifier

Our groundbreaking new Radiation Isotope Identifier (called a RIID by Dept of Homeland Security) offers a suite of features to address a growing range of applications. From the technical needs of a health physicist, to a food and drug inspector, to a first responder in a HAZMAT suit, the SAM 940 Defender and Revealer will excite your field users.

The Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 Defender was developed to give users what they need: simple operation options, the ability react quickly, and automatically obtain reliable, accurate technical data. Several modes of operation give users a range of technical reports on isotope identification and dose rate characterization. The most simple is a basic Isotope ID; the most complex includes nuclide specific dose calculations, GPS and historical data and an analysis of statistical confidence levels.Upon power-up, the SAM 940 performs a quick self-test and immediately begins monitoring; even after a lengthy power-down, temperature stabilization and automatic calibration guarantees accurate isotope identification results.


SAM 945 – Isotope identifier

The new, all-in-one, RIID from Berkeley Nucleonics offers customers a rugged alternative to detachable detectors with a full suite of new features leveraging modern cell phone technology. The renaissance in handheld electronics (Smartphone, PDA, etc) has led to tremendous advancements in processing power and allows statistical calculations to be processed at a remarkable speed. In parallel, the processors managing the spectral collection and isotope identification can easily handle a myriad of exciting additional user requirements. The long list of much-awaited features ensure new users and experienced health physicists alike will enjoy an unmatched user experience when performing mission critical tasks. PeakAbout, a free app that manages the data and reporting of the SAM 945, boasts a comprehensive library of 115 isotopes with expansion possibility to 393 isotopes.


Model 970 Portable Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA)

The Model 970-X Portable Multi-Channel Analyizer (pMCA) offers state-of-the-art signal processing for a wide range of nuclear applications. The electronics couple to a wide range of detector options and allow real-time data processing of gamma, neutron and x-ray radiation.

The Model 970-X pMCA is unique in that it can meet many applications as a process monitor, a separate laboratory instrument or integrated into an existing system to perform analysis. The flexible architecture allows utilizing different detectors types (solid-state detectors, scintillators, different sizes, different materials).