Jetting and Vacuum Trucks

AL Ghalowa presents products that have a design and actualize the most powerful and reliable machines in the industry, in turn allowing us to push the envelope year after year with unrivaled innovation. We sell multiple product lines, including combination machines, industrial vacuum loaders, jet rodders, and hydro-excavators for a vast array of diverse applications.All the parts of our units systems are built, integrated and test in one innovative  USA factory with:

Ease of Operation – We design every sewer cleaning, hydro-excavating, and industrial machine with ease of operation in mind by integrating important extras including: Inspector Camr portable video system, Hi-Dump capability, wireless remote, and electro-magnet outrigger leg.

Safety – We PowerUp performance without compromising safety by ensuring the industry’s best safety features are all included as standard equipment. With Vac-Con, you don’t have to pay extra for the safety features you want and need.

Performance – We pack a punch that delivers More Power to a client by keeping performance at its peak with power-conscious features like our 3-stage centrifugal compressor, 27″ Corten steel fans, 2-engine design, and Hydrostatic Blower drive.

Durability – We ensure Vac-Con sewer cleaning machines resist wear and tear by only using the highest quality materials. Our high power and high-efficiency hydro-excavation machines make even the toughest excavating jobs easy and safe. Designed to power through all kinds of difficult terrain including frozen or unfrozen ground, Vac-Con Xcavators™ deliver more power to you.


The Combination Machine has a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel with polyethylene water tanks and a high capacity water pump.


The Industrial Vacuum Loader has twin cyclone bag houses with 13 cartridge filters and an automatic vacuum breaker with a hose retainer assembly.


The Hydro Excavator is equipped with a hydrostatic drive and water systems up to 4,000 psi. It can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs with ease.  


These machines are equipped with a non- corrosive metallic, non- metallic polyethylene water tank and are ideal for removing stones, bottles, cans and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or storm drains.


 The combination machine you trust is now available with the recycling system you need for endurance and performance. The Vac-Con Recycler boasts features to provide operators with functional flexibility saving you time, increasing efficiency, and getting the job done.