Inspection CCTV

Al Ghalowa provides underground inspection services using the latest CCTV techniques for inspecting oil pipeline, drain and sewer cleaning and associated services. We provide a comprehensive range of services, to the Oil, Electricity, water and wastewater authorities and construction, manufacturing, and private companies.


 Relining pipe and Grouting

Al Ghalowa uses the up to date technology for rehabilitation the sewer system such as grouting and relining for the range pipe diameters between  50mm to 1,800mm. The trenchless method for rehabilitating the damaged sewer can avoid the community a vast nuisance and disruption, especially in crowded areas and holy cities. This method revives the age of pipelines for 100 years.

Cleaning Sewer

Al Ghalowa uses a high-efficiency power vacuum units and jetting units for cleaning the sewer system and stormwater drainage system from debris and grits. We use special equipment for cleaning the trunk lines using innovative methods and machines to access the trunk lines and remove the settled sand and sludge.