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Oil and Petroleum testing

Testing Services

A complete source for your testing solutions, we offers a wide range of in-house testing services based on selected standard test methods. Our staff is comprised of technical experts and the best instrumentation for fast, accurate and reliable results. We specialize in all tests for which we offer instrumentation as well as additional test methods. You are invited to send us samples for testing and evaluation at any time.

Lubricating Oil Tests

Bearing Compatibility, Cloud & Pour Points, Coking Tendency, Copper Strip Corrosion, Corrosion of Lead, Corrosivity / Oxidation, Demulsibility Characteristics, Evaporation Loss, L-60-1 Oxidation Test, Oxidation Stability, Rotating Bomb Oxidation (RBOT), Rust Preventing Characteristics, Thin Film Oxidation Uptake, Tribology, Vapor Pressure, Water Separability, Air Release Properties.

Fuel Tests

Oxidation Stability, Distillate Fuel Storage, Existent Gum, Accelerated Iron Corrosion, Dew Point, Copper Strip Corrosion, Reid Vapor Pressure, Vapor Pressure of LPG, Wax Appearance, Smoke Point, Freezing Point, Antirust Properties, Silver Corrosion, Cold Filter Plugging Point, Octane Analyzer, Density or Relative Density, Hydrocarbon Types, Volatility, Residues in LPG, Filterability, Flash Point.

Lubricating Grease Tests

Apparent Viscosity, Copper Strip Corrosion, Corrosion Preventive Properties, Dropping Point, Evaporation Loss, Grease Mobility, Leakage Tendencies, Life Performance, Low Temperature Torque, Oil Separation, Oxidation Stability, Particle Contamination, Penetration, Roll Stability, Tribology, Water Leaching, Water Spray Off, Water Washout Characteristics.

General Tests

Aniline Point, ASTM Color, Autoignition Temperature, Density and Relative Density, Distillation, Film Thickness, Flash Point, Kinematic Viscosity, Penetration, Reid Vapor Pressure, Rust Protection, Salt in Crude, Sampling, Saybolt Color, Sediment Content, Sulfur Content, Thermometer Calibration, Unsulfonated Residue.