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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

As the effects of modern-day pollution increases, people are more and more concerned about their health and the environment. Al Ghalowa, we care about your health as much as we care about the environment.

Ambient air quality means the state of the air around us. Good ambient air quality refers to unpolluted air. Clean air is fundamental in maintaining the delicate balance of life on our planet.

It is important to monitor ambient air since the air we breathe affects our health so much more than we know. Outdoor air quality testing is essential for local authorities as well as for major public and private industries to understand and prevent air pollution and assess emission sources, in order to preserve everyone’s health.

Ambient Air Quality Testing Stations we use are equipped with approved monitoring instrumentation and we apply recognized best practice throughout the testing process. Our abilities cover full the range of ambient air quality testing. Real-time gas analyzers are available for the measurement of all major organic and inorganic pollutants.