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Noise and vibration Monitoring

Improve the health and safety of your surroundings with Noise Monitoring Services from Al Ghalowa company. Al Ghalowa company  provide you reliable, measurable and accurate information to work out the noise levels and exposures in your area. This will help you in complying with noise regulations in your area with specifications for your businesses.

Environmental noise exposure is responsible for a range of health effects, including increased risk of ischaemic heart disease as well as sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment among children, annoyance, stress-related mental health risks, and tinnitus (WHO). we provides the accurate Noise Testing Services in Iraq. Noise can be monitored, evaluated and analyzed in many situations namely; demolition sites, construction sites, pile driving, explosions (mines, tunnels, etc.), tunneling and transportation (road, rail), production factory, offices, work spaces, and others.